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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flight 360

Let me introduce you to camp. We call it Flight 360. A couple of weeks ago I took the week off of work to spend 5 days sleeping on a bunk bed and hanging out with students 24/7. To you that might not sound like so much fun, but to me it was a blast!

Our theme for camp was "Surrender". Surrender, what does that mean to you? This is something I have thought alot about recently. What does it look like for me to surrender every single part of my life to the Lord and to allow Him to be Lord over it all!

Everything about camp was awesome (except for the fact that it was SOOO HOT!). Our speaker was Wes Hamilton and he brought the Word every night. Our band was Branch and they were just wonderful. I am so impressed by them and the way that they allow the Lord to speak through them while they lead others to worship. There is something about Branch and their humility that brings about true worship in students.

I saw God do some really wonderful things in my girls during camp. I saw God do some really awesome things in me. He has taught me so much about what surrender is and how He desires for that to play out in my life. Surrender is an every day moment by moment choice. It is taking every part of me and trusting it in the hands of God. It is saying yes to what God wants even before I know what it is. Surrender is letting go of my presuppositions and allowing God to write the story of my life. It is allowing God to take control and not trying to manipulate things so that they go the way I want them to. In my life surrender is waiting on God and being obedient to Him. God spoke during camp in so many ways and I cannot wait to see the journey that God takes me on!

Here are some of my pics from the week!

This is what happens when you give 200 9th graders glow sticks...don't you love it!

This is our camp look. Yeah we are so attractive! Greg's hair was SSSOOOO GROSS, but don't worry it's all gone now!

Some of my girls on the bus on the way home from camp!

Baptizing kids in the pool our last night of camp!

Crosses infront of the worship center. A reminder of what camp is about, being with the Lord and surrendering everything at the foot of the cross.

This is me, my co-care giver, and my girls. I am so grateful that God has given me these girls! They are awesome and I love seeing what God is doing in their lives!

Worship. Yeah it was awesome!

Love her!

Going out to wild and crazy rec. Go blue school!!!

And adorable Hudson. Yeah just chillin on the golf cart with his momma!

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