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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Memorable Memorial Day

It was just a typical Memorial Day...or so I thought. I got a text from Greg asking me if I was hungry and did I want to go get some lunch at Chickfila. Well of course I did! So he came and got me and we went and got some grub. Now I have to be honest, recently every time I get dressed to hang out with Greg I ask myself "Is this want I want to be wearing if he proposes?" T-shirts have been few and far between lately!

After lunch Greg told me he had a surprise (I never know what this might mean!) So we drove around and ended up at this snow cone stand. I'm gonna be honest I wasn't really feeling a snow cone at the moment, but Greg was insistent we get one. My favorite snow cone is 1/2 passion fruit 1/2 silverfox. Since I have moved to Texas I have NOT been able to find silverfox ANYWHERE. In fact people have never even heard of it and look at me like I am a retard when I talk about it. So I do my thing and scan the flavors always looking for silverfox, but never holding my breath. And guess what?? There it was! They HAD silverfox. I looked at greg and said "THEY HAVE SILVERFOX!" He smiled knowingly and said "What else do they have? SURPRISE!" So we got in line and ordered up us some 1/2 passion fruit 1/2 silverfox. My sneaky boyfriend had already been to try the 1/2 and 1/2 concoction and had immediately been converted. (Insert a big I TOLD YOU SO here)
So next we had to kill some time before going to the movies (this was the one thing I knew we were doing from the start). So we ran to bed Bath and Beyond to buy a wedding shower gift for Greg's brother Ben and his fiancé Brittany. I love doing this kind of shopping with Greg because he is so decisive. Greg picked a theme, and I picked out things on the registry that fit the theme. We paid for the gift, and sat down while they did the gift wrapping. We sat in the chairs in the bridal registry area. A guy who works for BBB came us and asked if he could help us (set up a registry that is) and I nervously blurted out "Oh no that would not be us".

Once we got our pretty wrapped gift we headed to the movies and got our tickets to Kungfu Panda 2 in 3D (we have been so excited for this movie). So we got our seats, Greg went and got some popcorn, a drink, and a pickle. I LOVE me some movie popcorn so we dove in and I thought, you know I should not eat too much because when the move is over we are going back to my house for dinner. So I should not gorge myself. But alas I gorged myself and it was wonderful. The move was AWESOME by the way, if you haven’t seen it, please go see it! Once it was over we headed back toward my house, except Greg made a few detours to look at some places I was planning to take Brittany's (Ben Greg's brother's fiancĂ©) bridal pictures the next Saturday. I thought, how sweet for him to think of dropping by these places so we could talk through where I was planning to take pictures. :)

We then headed to my house. As I was getting out of the car I picked up our snow cone trash and Greg yelled at me to just leave it in the car. Gosh all I was trying to do was be nice! So I walk up to the door and unlock it and walk in and stop DEAD IN MY TRACKS. Why? Because I saw red roses, rose petals, candles, Chinese food, and a white box sitting on the floor like a picnic. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Greg's video camera recording. I turned around and asked him "Is this for real?" Dumb I know, but I was so surprised I just could not believe it. He had TOTALLY surprised me and I was in complete SHOCK.

Greg sat me down in the club chair sitting in my living room and took off my sandals. He proceeded to wash my feet with tears welling in his eyes and to tell me how he knows that Christ set the ultimate example of being a servant and that as a husband he wants to be a servant to me. Tears welled in my eyes as well. He then reached over and picked up the white box and asked me if I would marry him. I shook my head yes and then actually spoke the word.
He stood me up and hugged me so tight. I looked at him and asked him if we could pray and thank the Lord for what had just happened. So we got down on our knees and through so many tears I began to pray and thank the Lord for His goodness. I thanked Him for the pain of the past and the mercy in my life that I now knew the pain was. I thanked Him for bringing Greg into my life and for every step along the way. I thanked Him for speaking so clearly to us about His timing and I thanked Him for His provision for us over and over again. After a few minutes of of time to ourselves and just soaking in everything that has happened and me telling Greg how incredible I thought my ring was. We called my Mom and Dad. More crying came and after talking to them Greg said, let’s not call anybody else until 8pm (I have no idea what time it was when he said this). So we just hung out and had our first conversation about when we wanted to get married, who knew we were engaged, and how long they had known, and just continued to soak in the evening. At 8pm my front door busted open and in came Greg's family, my roommate, and just a few of our friends. Eating of cheesecake and drinking of Dr. Pepper and Sprite (my fav and his fav drinks) occurred for another hour or so. Finally everyone left, and Greg told me he was so wiped out and he had to head home and go to bed.

The END or should I say THE BEGINNING! Because it is just the beginning of a brand new chapter in our lives! So excited to see what God is going to do!

My sweet honey created a video of our engagement, so click on this link to see it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WzZnMdphAE

Stay tuned for the process of this event planner becoming a wedding planner. It is NOT the same! :)

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