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Monday, September 30, 2013


In the summer of 2008 I spent the summer in Chattanooga, TN with some really incredible people. I packed up my Pontiac Grand Am and started my journey from Texas to Chattanooga for a summer internship at Precept Ministries.  Each summer college-aged students are selected from a group of applications to spend the summer as an intern for the student ministry division of Precept.

Purpose of Being an Intern
The purpose of the summer internship is intentional discipleship for disciple makers. Precept is all about teaching people how to study the Word of God. Each intern leaves equipped to study the Word for themselves and lead others to do that same.

The Intern Program
The program is part training part experience. Each intern is expected to complete a Precept upon Precept study before they arrive for the summer. The program itself is strict. You spend most of each weekday in intensive classes learning the ins and out of both leadership and studying the Bible. In addition each intern serves as a teacher and counselor at Boot Camp as well as serving in the local church and the Chattanooga community.
My Intern Experience
I honestly do not know where to start. As an intern I learned priceless skills as a disciple maker. The Lord gave me a heart for discipleship which grew with my internship. My fellow interns became like family to me. We studied together, ate together, did ministry together and of course we had fun together. Each of us were given mentors for the summer. These people poured into us. They listened to us teach and critiqued us. They encouraged us.

I have so many memories from that summer. Some of my favorites were family dinners, watching the entire DVD collection of Band of Brothers (at least once), car trips in the family van (otherwise known as the Precept mini-van, and dinners at both the Ritterbush's and the Johnson's.
Life After the Internship
Of course the summer does end. It has taken me several years to truly understand how the summer of 2008 transformed me. I want to share some life transformations with you.

Confidence: I began the summer feeling very intimidated by my teaching skills. Through the course of the summer I was stretched and forced to see some of my teaching flaws. I gained confidence in teaching the Inductive Study Method like never before.

Heart for Discipleship: While I always had a heart for discipleship, my time as an intern gave me the skills to truly be a disciple maker. As my confidence in teaching grew, so did my confidence to walk through life with others.

Leading Discussions: My biggest struggle as an intern was leading discussions. I just wanted to teach and tell them what to think instead of allow the Holy Spirit to lead the conversation. The Lord used my time as an intern to strengthen my ability to lead a small group discussion.

Willing to Walk through Hard Heartedness: I think each intern from the summer of 2008 would tell you we felt major attack from the enemy. We struggled with apathy toward one another and the Word. We also learned the vitality of fighting for one another in prayer. We learned that at times your heart will feel hard or apathetic, but that does not mean you give in to defeat. Instead, you must press on, get in the Word, and ask Jesus to change you from the inside out.

Accountability: The last lesson I want to share with you is about accountability. As an intern I learned why accountability is important. I watched it done well and I watched it lack. I saw the difference in my life when someone held me accountable and asked me hard questions.

Why You Should Be an Intern
So what about you? Should you consider applying for a summer internship at Precept? Well let's consider some things.

First let's consider what a, internship is not about. It's not about playing all summer. It's not a vacation, being an intern requires hard work and discipline. It's not about spending the summer on a spiritual high, but about being brought face to face with the Word of God and allowing it to truly transform you.

Next, do you meet all the requirements?

If the answer is yes, then consider if you want to grow. Do you want to grow as a leader, teacher, and disciple of Jesus? I believe my summer internship played a pivotal role in helping me grow as a disciple and disciple maker.

Finally, the most important one. Is God calling you? You see we can be well meaning and desire a good thing, but this internship is hard and awesome at the same time. This requires time spent seeking the Lord and asking Him to direct your path.

If you are still with me, and want to find out more about the summer internship, then click here for more information. And don't forget: you need to apply! So go get the application. Applications are due November 16, 2013. 
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  1. Encouraging read, especially the "Life after the Internship" section. Praying for you this morning as you and Greg continue to establish men and women in the word.

    1. Thanks Luca! Know that we are grateful for the work you are doing and praying for you and the fam!!