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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mumblings from the Valley

Tomorrow my husband and I leave for Passion. We are taking with us 21 college students. And to be quite frank, it feels like the enemy is closing in. I’m not sure what God is going to do this weekend, but it must be big. So big that the enemy is working to distract us, make us angry, make us feel tired. And here I sit today: tired and cranky. It’s a beautiful picture isn’t it? Just trying to keep it real friends. I feel  so worn. I feel like I am sitting in the midst of the valley along with the much and the mire.

Tonight I will sit down with a group of college girls and teach Ephesians 1. God has been beating me up all week with this lesson. We got iced out last week, and I know that was God’s plan. I needed another week to steep in this truth and for God to poke, prod, and expose me.

This morning I walked across the street to my gym to shower at 6:40am (because our water had been out for almost 24 hours due to a water main break). The Lord reminded me that I am blessed and that He is faithful. He reminded me that He is moving and working even when it seems the enemy is winning. He is calling me to seek Him hard and trust Him with the details.

At work, I preset dessert for a luncheon and God met me as I listened to the musicians warm up. I pushed back tears. The musicians had no clue how they ministered straight to my soul. God sweetly reminded me who He is and who I am in Him.
Christ alone; cornerstone
Weak made strong; in the Saviour's love
Through the storm, He is Lord
Lord of all
I needed to be reminded of this truth today. I needed God to whisper and encourage me.

A text from my college daughter asking for wisdom. I know my answer seemed too simple. She wanted me to give her the right words to say. Instead I told her to pray. I shared with her how God is showing me we need to talk less and pray more. Prayer is more than enough. It is more powerful than we believe.

You see there are days when the enemy seems to be closing in and we fear that he is winning. Yet I know, we serve a great warrior God. And He is moving and working. He is there as a protector. And God calls us to faithfully trudge on against the flow of the craziness, trusting Him. He calls us to stand firm in His truth, believing He is enough.

So here I sit in this valley, weary and worn, yet knowing I am not alone. The enemy seems to be closing in. Yet I know God has not forgotten me. He continues to meet me, encourage me, and shape me. So I stand up, dust myself off, and plant my feet hard in the Rock who is my Firm Foundation. I wait for Him to tell me what He wants from me. I wait for Him to take my hand and lead me on. Knowing He has a plan and is working all the madness out for good. Knowing that the enemy can never defeat Him, because He is the Great I Am.
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