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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Coffee & Crafting

Last fall the girls from my college ministry and I had a day of Coffee and Crafting. My friend Heather organized a day of crafting she calls Create Christmas. Heather picked out half a dozen crafts that could be made for $5. Heather described Create Christmas like this "You see, I love to craft. I love to teach. I love to give gifts. Mix it all together and you have one of my favorite things I do all year." You don't have to be a crafter to have fun at Create Christmas. With each craft there were easy to follow instructions. I used Create Christmas as a fun event for my college girls I called Coffee and Crafting.
We started off Coffee and Crafting at our local Starbucks. We loaded up on caffeine and enjoyed sweet conversation. 
After getting fueled up, we drove over to my friend Heather's church which was the site of Create Christmas. When we got there the fun was already underway. Heather is a pro and Create Christmas was organized beautifully! We signed in, got our instructions, and got to work. 
We spent the entire day crafting. Each of Heather's crafts were easy to do and fun to make. I think we made almost every craft.
I went with the full intention of making gifts for my friends, but I ended up making decor for my bedroom (sorry friends!). Once we were finished our crafts, we checked out and paid for the number of crafts we made.
Our first Coffee & Crafting was a major success! I can't wait for next year! 
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  1. We have been doing something similar with my womens ministry next event is in December. I am motivated to help ladies make inexpensive gifts for their friends and family. So many can't afford gifts. Many of the gifts are inspirational sayings or Bible verses to encourage one another. Also priced at $5 each. :)

  2. What are some of the crafts that were made?