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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trip to OK

Well, this last weekend was Girl's Weekend. We spent most of the weekend driving, but it was definitely fun to spend time with the girls. Friday night after we all got off of work we packed in my car and headed to Tulsa, OK. We arrived about 11:30.

Now this is after I spent last week at home for the funeral, the week before that with Evangelism Conference, the week before that I had my first retreat, the weekend before that I had D-now. So I was a little tired on the drive...okay I will a little tired all weekend, okay so I would randomly get so sleepy that my eyes just wanted to go to sleep. Okay, so maybe I fell asleep twice during a movie. But I couldn't help it!!

Sat we had alot of fun, we drove to OBU to eat at our favorite place. You may be thinking that we are absolutely insane driving an hour just to eat at our favorite place, but no, in fact we were quite sane (except for me in my sleepiness). So we got there, Benedict Street Marketplace, heaven on earth. Kristen and Ashley Skidmore were praying they had blackberry tea, I was praying they hadn't run out of chicken salad. Well, we were in luck! They had both! We ate our sandwiches insanely full of garlic, drank our exceptionally wonderful blackberry iced tea, and finished it off with a warm freshly baked cookie. Oh the goodness! These are the things dreams are made of!

Sunday we had the chance to go to Kristen's church, it was quite different than what I am used to, but it was a good experience. Then we ate wonderful, wonderful Mexican food. Yes the mecca of Mexican in Oklahoma...Teds. Oh how I have missed it! (If you haven't noticed I really love food. I should weigh hundreds of pounds....but for some reason, I don't) Skidmore and I shared fajitas, with their amazing homemade tortillas. (Side note, if you would ever like to make my day bring me real, homemade flour tortillas, not that fake mess at Rosas! I will love you forever)

I leave you with a picture of "the roommates" as I call us. These are my college roommates right before we got full on Teds!

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  1. you know what's funny? i think i only ate at benedict street maybe 2 times in the 4 years i was there...isn't that weird? i don't know why i never ate there? ted's is my fav mexican too!