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Monday, May 18, 2009

Becky and Mo's Wedding

This past weekend Greg and I went to my friends Becky and Mo's wedding in the hill country. the wedding was held at the camp Becky and I used to work at. In the summer of 2005, the Lord brought Becky and I together as friends. It was a time where both of us were very broken. Since then we have kept in touch. I still remember when she called me to tell me she had someone she wanted me to meet (Mo- that's you!). I was amazed how perfect Mo was for Becky! it was a pleasure and an honor to attend their wedding! It was a beautiful evening!

Here comes the bride! She is wearing her mother's wedding dress that she had remade! It was gorgeous on her!
Praying together after they had said their vows and exchanged rings.

And the first kiss as husband and wife!
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson!
The flowers were quite amazing! Here is Becky's bouquet.

Beautiful bride!
I love this pic!
Becky- I am so grateful to the Lord for giving us to eachother as friends! I am blessed by you!

Bling bling sisters re-unite! But now that Becky has real bling we had to kick her out.
Centerpiece #1

Centerpiece #2
The cake. The detail is amazing!
Greg and I heading out, we had to drive back on Sat night to be at church for Senior Recognition Sunday!
Leaving camp. It was so awesome to reflect this weekend about where the Lord has brought me since the last time I stepped foot on these grounds.
Father- I thank you so much for bringing these two together! I praise you for my friendship with Becky. I praise you for where you have brought both of us! Thank you for being more than faithful to us!

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  1. Ashlee, thanks so much for coming to the wedding. It really means a lot to us that you and Gregg would do all of that driving for our special day. Thanks also for posting these pictures. The day seemed like such a blur to us both, so we're very excited to see any and all pictures we can.

    ms. Ashlee you are and always have been such an encouragement and a blessing. Thank you so much for being such an encouraging, faithful and loving friend. You are an amazing woman of God and Mo and I are blessed to know you. WE LOVE YOU!