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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

He Can Move Mountains

It seems we have seasons of strife and victory. Seasons of waiting and watching God move mountains. I’m sitting in a season somewhere in the middle. There are things I am waiting and praying and begging the Lord to move in all the while watching Him perform some mountain moving stuff. 

I’m watching people bend over backward and give in amazing and generous ways toward one of my girls. She is going on a nine month mission trip and has been raising support for her trip. A trip that  is now fully funded.

I’m seeing the Lord provide for my husband and I to go on a trip this fall. It's a trip of a lifetime...And someone else provided for us to go. It's not anything I ever would have asked God to do. Yet He did it anyway.

I’m witnessing God bring down walls and heal my friend's heart that has been broken for so long. She wondered if she would ever see victory. We are celebrating the ways the Lord is finally healing her heart. It’s beautiful.

In a season of victories I gain hope for the strife.  God reminds me He is so very capable of providing in ways I would have never dreamed or even asked. He is challenging me not to doubt Him with my needs. He proves Himself faithful time and time again.

My hope is resurrected for the friends with still broken hearts. As I watch Him move mountains my faith grows for the unanswered prayers. God reminds me that He is faithful to move and stir. He shows me there is beauty and purpose in the time of waiting and seeking. That EVERYTHING He does is intentional.

Maybe you are in the victory. Maybe you are in the strife. Find HOPE that God is faithful. He hears our cries. He is at work even in the wait. Keep trusting and hoping in Him. Don’t try to fix the strife, wait for Him to move. He is faithful to do the work, to move on our behalf, to stir in hopeless situations. He is the God who can do anything. Nothing is impossible with Him!

Photo Credit: Dino Olivieri
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