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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OBU: The Recap

Oh my goodness, I have still not recovered from our road trip! I am officially OLD! Let me give you a recap!

The trip down there was not as crazy as I expected..although I did have a misfortunate run-in with an umbrella. Thanks alot Marty! Marty got in my car and immediately began reading Crazy Love (which I really want to read by the way!). Well at some point he finished and began to get bored sitting in the back seat. He started going through my seat pockets to see what he could find. He eventually found my umbrella that I keep stashed in there (you never know when you will get caught in the rain here!). Well a couple minutes later it feel like a rock has been thrust into the side of my head....not a rock, but the end of my umbrella quickly thrusting itself just above my hear and behind my temple. Painful headachy feelings immediately rush into my head. At the same time Greg and I both yell "MARTY!" I am okay, I must say thoughts of Natashia Richardson rushed in my head and I wondered where the nearest hospital was knowing you never set your foot into the Shawnee Hospital....its just not safe.

Once we finally got to OBU we headed to Tarrah's apartment which used to be boys apartments that they have turned into girls apartments while they are renovating this year. It was kinda strange, but very nice. It did not smell like gross college boy! PTL!

Saturday morning we all got up and everyone but me headed to the new Rec facility. I was more than happy to sit on the couch and engage myself in the food network. Oh it was heaven! Later that day Greg and I had lunch with Bruce and RuthAnne. It was so wonderful to see them and catch up with them. I am so thankful that God has put them in my lives, He knew what He was doing!

That evening we changed clothes and headed to Spring Affair, OBU's spring talent show. There I ran into several people I hadn't seen in years. Everyone I saw kept telling me how good I looked. (It scares me what vision of me I left them with when I graduated. I was in the midst of the biggest valley of my life the last time they saw me, but God has been more than faithful and built me back up to what He promised me...someone who is stronger and more beautiful...the kind of beauty that comes with a close and intimate relationship with my God.)

OBU has changed in some ways. In some ways it hasn't. It was great to be there and see where the Lord has brought me. OBU will always be a place that reminds me how God brought me through a very large valley in my life. It will remind me of God's promises and His faithfulness to be with me and fulfill the things He had promised me.

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