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Monday, June 2, 2014

Gentle Reminders

Sometimes God speaks in big ways: He closes doors or He speaks so clearly you are sure He spoke audibly. Other times, there are the gentle reminders. When God graciously and sweetly reminds you of what He has called you to. They aren’t big and in your face, but calm whispers that you know come straight from the Lord.

The past few months I drug my feet. Knowing God was calling me to something big, but fearful of it. You see, the task is beyond me. It’s more than I can understand or research. It doesn’t make sense. Even thinking about it too much overwhelms me. Yet, I have known without hesitation that God was calling me. I tried to ignore it but each God gently reminded me of where He called me.

A Sermon I Heard at Work
I sat listening to a sermon during our monthly in home meeting. You see I am blessed to work with people who love Jesus. A newly hired director was dubbed to preach that day. He shared that God had pressed Him to preach this message and would not let him go of it. He knew it was for someone. Maybe it was for others, but I knew it was for me. Straight out of Colossians 1:9-14 (a book I had just taught in Bible Study), he used words like walk worthy and obedience and God tugged my heart. "Ashlee, have you been obedient?" I hung my head knowing the answer. "Ashlee, are you pleasing me in ALL respects or just some respects? Ashlee, to what degree is this promised- according to My glorious might. I can handle this – be obedient."

A Blog Post by a Friend
My friend Amara writes One Single Voice and recently she wrote a post about giants. “When we lose sight of who we are- the sons and daughters of God- we lower our hopes and think about turning back.”Again God pulled at my heart. "Ashlee, you believe this task is beyond you, yet I have called you. Ashlee I will equip you. Ashlee, TRUST me."

A Text from a Friend
“My prayer for you today and encouragement is for you to not hold back on what God is leading you to based on provision or circumstance.” And I knew God was using her to speak to me. "Ashlee, don’t base your obedience on you, Ashlee base it on me. Don’t hold back Ashlee I am trust worthy. I am a big God who can do anything. Ashlee don’t hold back and walk in disobedience."

And all I can think…is this is God’s grace on my life. That He would love me and pursue me and gently remind me where He has called me. So today, I walked in obedience. Today I quit dragging my feet and simply obeyed. Today I allowed myself to dream and trust the Lord. I do not know where this road will take me, but I know God is taking me there. And I trust Him, because He is faithful.

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