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Saturday, June 21, 2014

To My Dad, On His Birthday

This week my Dad has a big birthday. I won’t tell you which one. This week I am thinking about my Dad and the influence he is on me. If you know him, you know he hates that I am dedicating a post to him. He hates that kind of stuff.


You are my hero in the faith. I know you hate that, but it’s true.

You Pray
I’ll never forget the morning I stumbled across you in the living room. I had called for you, but couldn’t find you.  I couldn’t see you there on your knees praying. Thank you for having a posture of prayer. You taught me to pray as you knelt next to my bed each night to say my prayers with me. Those moments are precious to me.
You Love the Word
Each morning I found you sitting in the kitchen reading and studying the Word. You pour over the Word like someone looking for a sacred treasure. You taught me that even a layperson should know God’s Word deeply, not just the guy who preaches each week. Your love of the Word showed me I could know the Scripture the same way; that I should know it the same way.

You Stand Up for Truth
You desire Godly justice. You desire that God’s Word never be misused. You carefully guard it and have been faithful to entrust it to others. When I have a question, it’s often followed with “Well you know what (insert scripture) says…. You would rather take me to Truth than let me hang on your words. You know His Word holds all power. Thank you for showing me the importance of Truth and for being quick to stand firm on God’s Word.
You Boldly Tell People About Jesus
I cannot count how many times my face got flushed as you asked a waiter if he knew Jesus or how you could pray for him. You never cared if it bothered me, because that person knowing Jesus was more important than any embarrassment I felt. Thank you for being bold for the gospel and showing me how to care for every person.

You Serve
You served me when you brought me apple juice (and later coffee) as I got ready each morning and when you made sure my car had its oil changed on time. I saw it when you milked drains after surgery or gave shots as needed. You gracefully served mom as she bravely fought cancer all the while speaking truth into her life. Even now you do laundry and cook dinner, things many husbands would not do. You serve your church and your pastor. I learned to serve by watching you serve.
You Give
As a child you made sure I had change to put in the offering plate and encouraged me to give cheerfully. I loved getting to tithe just like you. You never neglected to give when led and showed me how to be wise with my money so I could give freely. You reminded me over and over what I have belongs to the Lord, not me.

You Do Hard Things
You refused to move until God let you go. You stayed in your job that didn’t always like, because you knew God had placed you there. You shared with me difficult decisions that had to be made and told me what might be the outcome. You drove us each week 60 miles one way, just to go to church. Thank you for showing me that hard things are not bad things.
You Point Me to Jesus
Thank you for not wanting any of this attention, but rather pointing me to Him even when it annoyed me. For gently saying "God is protecting you" when I called and complained about being stuck in traffic. For asking me "Have you thanked Him yet?" when God did something great. Those words helped me see the thread of His sovereignty woven into my life.

You aren’t Perfect, yet Still Love Jesus
Dad I know you are not perfect and I am grateful. You let me see you imperfections. I am grateful for the redemptive story God has written in your life. I know firsthand how God can take an imperfect person with real struggles and use them for His glory. You have shown me it’s not about being a perfect person, but clinging to Jesus.  You remind me how much you need Him. You help me to see that I can do nothing apart from Him. I know that all that you are is because of all that He is in you.
You are Ready for His Glory
I know you cannot wait for that day when you will join Jesus. You eagerly await His glory. You know that day will grieve my heart greatly, more than I could ever describe to you. Thank you for not being afraid to share with me your longing to be at Jesus’ feet. Thank you for desiring His Glory more than anything else. Thank you for loving Jesus and desiring to be with Him more than you desire to walk this earth. You have a heavenly perspective I want.

Daddy, I love you and I am grateful for the gift you are to me. And the best thing I know to give you this birthday is my thankfulness to you and to the Lord. He has used you to show me so much. Thank you for being obedient.

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  1. You bring tears to my eyes and thankfulness to my heart, I love you . D3