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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Revolving Door of Ministry: Part One

It just keeps spinning, that imaginative revolving door that leads into our ministry. There is a constant ebb and flow of students in and out. This post series is a culmination of conversations I have had over the last year. If I could sit down face to face with every person who walks into the doors of our ministry, this is what I would want them to know.

Dear Student Entering our Ministry,

Hi, my name is Ashlee and I so want to know you. But I may not remember your name in 5 minutes. So help me, have mercy on me, Know it doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, but I just struggle with names. And while we are talking about struggles, if I seem strange or stand-offish that’s because I am an introvert and I’m trying to meet new people. And it’s hard for me. Yes I know that’s not an excuse, that’s why I am here awkwardly having this conversation with you. It’s because I care about you and so want you to walk with Jesus. Please help me not feel like an complete idiot!

I want you to know getting connected is a two way street. I want to help you get connected in our ministry, but I need you to meet me half way. You have to want to be connected. You must show up, talk to people, and try too. I’m not being hard on you, but friendship and ministry is two sided. So partner with us, get plugged in, and be apart of this messy thing we call community and fellowship. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

I want you to know that we care about people. We will love you, cry with you, cheer you on, get in your face, and have fun. We will study with you, let you ask us hard questions about life, and talk to you about Jesus and His Word. We will disciple you and encourage you to be a disciple maker too.

We are about Jesus and His Word. We want you to know Jesus if you don't and if you do, we want you to know Him better. Don't worry we will help you know how to follow Him, we will walk next to you and you pursue Jesus. That is the whole reason we are here, because we want to help college students know Jesus better and grow in their love of Him.

I am not perfect yet a perfectionist by nature. I can’t be super woman. I work full time and serve in ministry full time. Sometimes I can’t be there for you the way I want to, but know I am here.  I am a human being that still struggles with this body of flesh. I will fail you. So please see me as a real person with real struggles who desperately needs Jesus to carry me and wash me with His grace.

There are big gaping holes in our ministry that you can fill. You see our ministry isn’t whole, we need you to take up your part in this body of believers. We need your gifts and interests and passions. We need you to care about things that may not be our passion. We need you to lead in ways we are not gifted. We are so delighted you are here. We cannot wait to get to know you more.

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