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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Revolving Door of Ministry: Part Two

If you are just joining, don't miss Part One of this series.

Dear Student Leaving our Ministry,

I hate that you are leaving. That’s right I said it. You are connected and do life with us. My heart is being ripped apart. You may not see it, but my heart hurts so bad and I desperately want to fight it. In my heart of hearts I just don't want you to go. You leave huge gaping holes where you once were. And it’s so apparent to me. You are taking my heart with you.

I hate goodbye's so give me grace. Like I may act ridiculous for a little while (you may have already experienced this). I might try to convince you to stay because I love you and don't want my heart to be ripped out (see above). So help me by recognizing how desperately hard this is for me. Know I have cried may tears over your departure (that I probably won't do in front of you because I would never want you to feel bad). I have wrestled with the Lord about letting you go, but still...I need grace.

Thank you allowing us into your life. Thank you for partnering in ministry, using your gifts, and growing together like iron sharpens iron. Our time together has not been perfect. We have argued and struggled because we are people in need of grace. We are imperfect people seeking Jesus together. It is a sincere delight to walk with you as you pursue Jesus. I am more like Jesus because of you. God used you to shape me, to reveal my sin, and to make me more like Him. You are a sweet gift.

I am so proud of you for following so hard after Him that you listened when He called you somewhere new. Yes, I hate it and fight it, but I am so proud of your obedience. Know it’s okay to still call and ask me questions. It’s okay to shoot me a text and ask me to pray for you. I am not going to quit caring about you just because I don't see you every week.

As you go, don’t forget what you had here. Don’t forget the sweetness of doing life and community with a bunch of messed up people all seeking to walk by the grace of God. Go get plugged in (see part one of this post). Don’t hold on so tight here that you refuse to be connected where you are going. It’s okay to make new friends and to do life with new people. (We are actually going to do the same thing here). Dig deep, grow roots, there are people where you are going who will teach you new things and help you to walk with Jesus too.

Don’t forget what you learned here. I pray that the things I have entrusted to you, you will entrust them to other faithful people (2 Timothy 2:2). Hold fast to the gospel and do not taint it (2 Timothy 1:13-14). I pray that you will be a follower of Jesus who continues to make disciples. You are meeting and reaching people where you are going that I can't. So use your time wisely, and make the most of every moment because we are not promised tomorrow.  

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