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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mom and Dad's House

A year ago this summer my Mom and Dad did the one thing I have always dreaded. Let me back up and say I HATE CHANGE. My Mom and Dad have always talked about someday moving away from the tiny little town I grew up in. Not that they didn't love that house and town as much as I did. Because they did, they just always dreamed of living in the mountains. I could never imagine it. Didn't they understand that was where all my memories were? That was where I remember having every Christmas. It was on those backroads of my hometown that my Mom taught me how to drive. On the last road on your way out of town was where my best friend grew up. My friend Price got stopped at that stop sign the only night I was late for curfew. The sweet smell of fresh cut Alfalfa. The little Baptist church where I first realized I needed Jesus in my life. What were my parents thinking?

About three or four years ago my parents shocked me beyond belief. They called me a told me they bought land, not only did they buy land, but they bought 13 acres in the mountains of New Mexico. My parents had always told me they wanted to retire in the mountains.
It took them until last summer to finally move. They waited a year before they even started building the house. My oldest brother was their contractor, my Dad did alot of the work himself.

So let me take you on a tour...

First you drive down the gravel road. I don't need to tell you the address, they are one of two houses Aunt and Uncle own the only other house.
Go ahead, walk on through the front door...

On the left is the living room. Go ahead and try out the "big boy" furniture (that's what my mom calls it). She wanted furniture big enough that my over 6' tall best guy friend could feel comfortable. He loves that couch.
Toward the right you will see the AMAZING kitchen. Yes more than one person will fit in this kitchen! Double oven, cook top stove, and granite counter tops. Ohh it is a dream to cook in! However everytime I go home, my Mom has moved all of the cooking utensils AGAIN!

Here is a shot of the stove....

If you continue to turn to the right you will see the dining room. Let me say at this point that I am so glad my parents went with an open house plan. It is so fun to have this house filled with people and not feel like you are running out of space. *Side note, the table in this picture belonged to my great grandparents.
Okay, now lets check out my parents side of the house. Here is what my mom calls "The Cowboy Bathroom." The picture is my grandpa who we lost this last February.

Now let's check out my parents room. Their bathroom is to die for! I wish I had a good picture of it, but none of them do it just imagine a two sink, garden tub, walk in shower tiled and granite counter top bathroom.
Okay, now to the guest side of the house. First we will see what mom calls "Greg's Room" you can guess, this is where Greg gets to sleep when we visit my parents. Humm. do you see a color theme in our house?
Turn back around and head back down the hallway....
Make sure you stop and see my bathroom. I love it. I have a whirlpool tub and double sinks...

My Dad laid this tile. Please notice my favorite Bath and Body Works....that they don't make anymore! Oh..and you can't miss my froggy sitting on the shelf.

Okay, now back out the hall and take your first right. Here is my room. I feel a need to apologize here. My parents can't decide if they are going to buy a new bed for my room and honestly I just can't make myself decorate my room until then....because I really want to get a new bed spread and all that jazz. I of course have picked a different color than the rst of the house, I want to do brown and that really pretty icy almost teal blue. Oh, don't miss my reindeer pant hanging off the end of my bed! My mom laughs at me everytime I wear them, but I am greatly attached to my reindeer pants.

As you head back toward the kitchen you will walk by the "breakfast nook"....don't miss it!

Now let's check out the back deck. I know I know, you want to see the view.... it is. This is the view off of my parents back deck! Yeah it is amazing. And no, you don't get cell phone reception out here (Greg and I love this fact!).
This is a more dry New Mexico.... Same mountain, same terrain, less rain.
This is my Aunt and Uncle's house, you can see it from the back deck!

Okay, now some more personal pics. Here is my beloved Gregory eating icecream off the mixer. Ohh my Dad makes the BEST peppermint icecream (sounds weird I just have to trust me). My Dad always takes cooking requests when we come home. Greg always requests this special icecream. Here is Greg and I on the back deck....see how LONG my hair is. It doesn't look that long when I fix it everyday in the mirror.


  1. What a beautiful home. I'm so glad they did it, and you don't look to unhappy yourself.

  2. We love our new home and hope you will soon be placing your order for your favorite ice cream.

  3. Cute blog! I just found it.

    And that is a gorgeous view from a very pretty home!