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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lisa and Joel's Wedding

Well Folks, it is wedding season indeed. This is the second wedding I have attended in the last few months. I have another coming up in July and then two more later in the year. I have had a great opportunity to get to know this couple. They hosted my Sunday Night Bible Study this semester in their new home. (Joel has been living there until they got married, but Lisa would come hang out while I was there with my Bible Study Girl.) Joel and Lisa are so wonderful. God has placed two very opposite people together in a way that perfectly compliments each other. Their wedding was fun to attend. Here are some pictures below!

Here is the entrance to the reception...
And here is the quite amazing chocolate fountain.
Here is the bride's was so beautiful!
The cake it!
Here is the bride and groom cutting the cake!
Here is the groom's cake. Joel painted the details on the corvette flags!Heather and Josh
Kent and Jena

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