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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Houston We Have a Problem

Last weekend, my Lovie and I packed up and headed south to Houston, TX. It was a much needed time of rest and refreshment. Since I had Thursday and Friday off we headed down on Thursday and spent the whole weekend.

We sat in our hotel room on Thursday night and pulled out the hotel book of things to do. You know that book, the one every hotel has of area attractions. We saw that we were literally minutes away from Space Center Houston. So we decided to make a day of it and off we headed the next morning.

Ticket Wisdom 
If you plan to make a trip to the Space Center, buy your tickets online. You save $5/ticket buying your tickets this way. Good thing I had coupons from our hotel, so I got us the same deal.

The Tram
Our first stop was the tram. The security guy told us that was where we should start and I am so glad that we listened. The Tram Tour takes about an hour. It takes you all over the Space Center. We saw the Original Mission Control (complete with original ashtrays), where Astronauts train, & got to be up close with the Mercury Rocket.
Meet an Astronaut
This was my Lovie’s favorite part! We got to listen to  a real astronaut. Greg had all of his questions ready at the end to ask Leroy. And yes he brought this picture home.
Starship Gallery
This show and museum was my favorite part of the trip. It was here that we got to “meet” several important figures from space history. We were able to look at moon rocks, touch a moon rock, and see one of the lunar rovers (well the practice rover, did you know the real ones are still on the moon?).
After we left NASA we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant Chuy’s. Greg and I both ordered our favorite meal (which isn’t on the menu). Next time you go to Chuy’s ask for the stuffed sopapilla (I like fajita chicken, Lovie like Fajita Beef) and have them cover it with the Boom Boom Sauce. I promise, you will be so happy that you did!!

Saturday our main focus was rest. We slept in, went out for a late lunch at Pappa’s BBQ, and then got ready to head to the wedding of our friends Jeff & Lizzie. We got first pick at seats (because we were that early). The wedding was beautiful and we had a great time visiting with friends. 
I am so grateful for a great weekend away full of rest and fun! 

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