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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving On

Last Sunday was my last Sunday in student ministry. I must confess. I cried. During our last small group I teared up so much (don't worry I was wearing waterproof mascara). But, I waited until after my girls left to really let all the tears out.
I walked out of my last small group saw one of our college girls. She immediately knew something was wrong. I told her I just had my last small group and just started bawling. I didn't have to explain. She just hugged me and let me cry.
 For the last six years I have spent almost every Sunday morning pouring into a small group of girls. This Saturday, they will walk the stage and become high school graduates. For the last 5 summers I have spent 7 days living with them in a dorm, singing with them at worship, and speaking truth into them every chance I got. I have gotten in their face and said things they don't like. I have told them the Truth more often than they probably want.
All of a sudden the day came. Our last Sunday together. And I couldn't believe how fast the time went. What would be my final words to them as their small group leader? What truth could I say? Did I say enough? How could I possibly say everything I wanted to in that small time?
Here are my prayers for my small group girls:

I pray that you saw Jesus more than me. I earnestly hope that I spoke God's Word to you more than my own. I pray that I got out of the way and Jesus took the spot light.

I pray that you know God is enough. When the day comes (and it will come) when you feel like everything you desired has failed and every person you know has failed and you don't know which way is up. I pray that you know that God is more than enough. He has not left you. He is still there. In the midst of that dark moment, reach out to Jesus. Seek Him. Trust Him. Allow Him to be your everything.

I pray that you know you can trust the Word of God. Our precious Father has given you everything pertaining to life and Godliness. You can find it in His Word. His precious Word that He has enabled you to have. And we take it for granted. Do not take His Word for granted sweet girls. Cherish it. Dive into it. Know it for yourself and allow it to transform you from the inside out. Trust His Word more than the words of men. Don't take man's word for face value, compare it to the truth of Scripture!!

I pray that you make time for Jesus. Like, everyday. Find a place and spend some time alone with Jesus each day. Make it a habit, apart of your daily life. Pray to Him (I like to write my prayers out in a journal). Listen to Him. Be in His Word, but don't just read the words, study them. They have the ability to breathe life into you.

I pray that you see the importance of the church. No, not the big building, but the body of believers God has given you. Find a new body to get involved in (hint: they often meet in a building). Do not allow laziness to set in. Do not attend Bedside Baptist Church every week. You need fellowship among believers. You need accountability that is only found in community. I know it is scary, but find a friend and go visit some churches. Don't get sucked in to the fun church, find a church that values the Word of God where you can get plugged in. Once you find this church, don't be a seat warmer, get involved. Be apart of the college group. Serve somewhere. Be apart of the bidy of beleivers God has placed you in.

I pray you see the importance of like minded community. One thing I am praying for you is that you will find friends who love Jesus. I pray that God will bring you friends like He brought me. Someone who loves you, encourages you, challenges you, and speaks Truth into you.

I pray that you know true life change only happens in Christ. You can try all you want to change yourself. But you will fail. You will feel like the worst person alive because you are living what you don't want and cannot live what you want. Here is the harsh reality, you cannot combat sin. You simply are not strong enough. That's why you need Jesus. Go to Him. Know Him. Seek Him. Allow Him to bring about life change in you. (This happens when you study the Word.) Stand firm in the promises He has given you. Resist the devil. Flee temptation. Allow Jesus and His Word to change you.

These are my prayers for you. I hope you know that you are greatly loved. I hope you know that we are never truly moving on, but forward. Moving forward toward God, toward looking more like Him, toward the plan He has for us. I pray that you will follow Him above all else! Know Him, follow Him, walk in a manner worthy!

And know, that when you find yourself at home, there is a church family who loves you and will welcome you home. We will encourage you and dive into Scripture with you!

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