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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spa Night Printables

I mentioned on Monday that I used scripture around our host home during Spa Night. Today I would like to share some of this signs I created for each station. At most stations there were two signs. One gave directions, the other was scripture that pointed them to think beyond the physical action at that station.
You will notice I used the same style throughout each sign. I printed the scriptures as 8.5X11 and the instructions as 4x6 and 5x7. Next time I would do all of the direction signs as 5x7 so they are easier to read.

This is the invitation I created for my girls. I used this on the Facebook invite I created. It also dawned on me that in the future I could simply text the girls the invitation.
Welcome Sign:
I created this sign to greet the girls when they arrived.

For Pedicures I created this sign to give instructions to the girls because I could not be everywhere at the same time. I put this sign on the fireplace in the living room. Next to it I sat a basket full of foot scrubs, lotions, foot fizzies, and various foot scrubbing tools.

 I chose this scripture to remind the girls that the most important place their feet go is where they take the gospel. I don’t necessarily mean a foreign country or a mission trip. The gospel goes with us everywhere we go. And we are either living it out or we are denying it with our words and actions. I pray that my girls will know that beautiful feet are those who take the gospel with them as they are going. Beautiful feet speak faith, hope, love, and truth into the places they go everyday and the not so normal places they might go on a mission trip. Painted nails may seemingly make our feet look good, but beautiful feet are those who take the gospel with them.

Here is another directional sign I created. This time for manicures. I sat this sign on the table in between the nail polish platter and the Satin Hands Set.

I chose this scripture so my girls would consider whether or not their hands were really clean. As they scrubbed their hands and painted their nails I wanted them to remember that the Lord is serious about those who enter into His presence and that we need to constantly check our hearts and our hands to see if they are clean spiritually.
Then we had facials. I sat the directional sign next to the sink. Next to the sign was a basket with the facial supplies in it.

I pray that when my girls saw this scripture they would be reminded to seek God’s face. Often as ladies we spend much time in front of the mirror considering how we look, but I wonder how often as believers we seek God and His face as we go about our everyday life.


I posted this on Monday, but wanted you to see it again. This was the main verse I spoke on when I gathered the girls at the end of the night. I pray that it is a blessing to you and reminds you that your beauty lies within a heart submitted to the Lord.

Disclaimer: These printables were created by me. The blue linen background is free to download here. Please do not republish my work without giving me credit. I encourage you to use them personally, but they should not be sold for any reason.

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  1. LOVE THIS! Especially how you tie all of them back to the Gospel!!! Thank you for sharing all of your printables.

    1. Thanks Amanda! It's my pleasure to share them!

  2. Thank you for sharing your printables! What did you use to create them?