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Friday, January 16, 2009

25 Feels Old

Last Sunday I was at church talking with some friends. I mentioned that my parents were coming in this weekend. "Really?" They asked, "Why?" "Oh," I said, "They are coming early for my birthday." "When is your birthday?" They asked. "The end of January," I said. "How old are you going to be?" They asked.

At that moment I stopped, in horror, in shock, in disbelief. It couldn't be, I thought. No, it is.

Then I looked up, swallowed hard, decided to be a big girl, and said it. "I'll be 25."

They didn't know what had just transpired in my head. They didn't know that 25 sounded SO OLD to me. They didn't know that I was still traumatized by the idea of turning 25. So in just a few weeks I will in fact be a quarter of a century old.

Turning a quarter of a century makes a girl like myself re-evaluate my life. Where am I? Where am I going? God, what in the world are you doing with my life? It makes me think about where I am in life versus where I thought I would be when I turned 25.

I thought that I would be married, in the middle of a teaching high school English, maybe thinking about kids. But God had such a different plan for my life. God called me into full time ministry, took me to Seminary, gave me new friends that became my second family. He has given me me an amazing man that blesses me everyday. Through all of this I have watched my closest friends follow the path I thought I would be on. Not going to lie, it has been pretty tough sometimes. But as I look back, I am grateful of where the Lord has brought me. I am so thankful for the times He said NO. As I look forward, I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do with me, where He is going to have me, and what my impact on the Kingdom will be!

Here are some birthday pics!!

My last roommate last year when I turned 24...and I thought then that that felt old!!

These are my college roommates. Some of my best friends! This is from my birthday my Senior year of college!

25....here we come!

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