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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life in Transition

My life in in the midst of major transitions. I just graduated, just moved, and am waiting to hear back from about a million jobs I have applied for. (Okay so maybe its not a million, but it definately feels that way when you are the one waiting and sending your resume out over and over again!) All of these transitions are more than enough to make anyone crazy and by crazy I mean pulling your hair out sitting down and crying crazy!! My new apartment still has boxes everywhere. Pretty sure I moved in like two weeks ago! I haven't hung much of anything on the walls ( I hate putting anything up until I know exactly where I want stuff).

How do you battle transitions? What do you rely on? What do you hold on to?

I find that I am clinging to my family and friends more. I find that I am resorting back to weird confort foods that I haven't thought about eating in years. By this I mean Easy Mac, Fudge Rounds, and Dr. Pepper. You wouldn't find this so weird if you knew that I love to cook. I LOVE to cook!! I love scouring through new recipes and learning how to do new things. I love everything Pampered Chef, Williams and Sonoma, etc! And on top of that I am a really good cook!! Yet every day I more than content to sit down with my bowl of Easy Mac, my DP, and finish it all off with a cold Fudge Round.

But let me tell you about the number one reason I am able to sit here in peace in the midst of transition. In the midst of not knowing if anyone is going to hire me or when in the world I am going to get a full time job. I can sit here in peace because I have something more important than family, more important than friends, even more important than easy Mac, DP, and Fudge Rounds. I have faith in God. I have a personal relationship with Him. He is the Rock that I can rely on. He is my strength in the storm. If you are in the midst of transition or a storm of some kind I encourage you to put your faith and truth in God and allow Him to be in charge of your life. I can go into each new day in peace because I know that God is in control. I don't have to fear rejection from a job because I know that He has the perfect position ready for me and will place me there in His perfect timing.

So thats a sort of introduction into my life. My life is in transition. I don't know where God is going to take me. But I trust Him that He will bring me exactly where He wants me and that's the only place I want to be!

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