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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Pioneer Woman

Have you guys heard of the Pioneer Woman? You should check out her website Some girls at work told me about her. Let me tell you my thoughts

She is a city girl turned country. I hear she lives in Oklahoma somewhere, but I don't really know. She has a garden. She cooks AMAZING food. She is a photographer and writer. She home schools her kids. She is a wife and a mom. Her husband is a cowboy and she used to be a spoiled city girl.

I think she is interesting. Her website is extensive. My biggest question for her, is how do you have the time? How do you have time to be a wife, mom, chef, photographer, writer, decorator, home school teacher, and maintain a website such as this. If you check out her website you will know, you will understand. Her recipes look amazing. Her photography will blow you away. She is so detailed. She is Witty and interesting. She loves all the things I love. She makes me want to have a garden with fresh produce of various colors and fresh sweet smelling herbs. She makes me want to be an amazing woman too.

At the same time, she makes me feel the same way Martha Stewart does. You know what I mean. Almost like less of a woman. Like every woman should be able to do all of that. Right now I barely have time to run to the grocery store once a week, be involved at church, spend time with my boyfriend, hang with my roommate, spend time with God, go to work, clean my apartment (it's not even as big as a house), cook one meal a week (I don't even make dinner every night because I am on the run so much), and have time to do the things I like (hunting for recipes, cooking, photography). I still haven't hung anything on the walls of my apartment. I barely get to sit down and relax. This morning is the longest time I've had in awhile to just do nothing and all I can think about it what I should be doing. How does she do it? I just don't have a clue.

Ugh I feel so torn. I want my kids someday to have that kind of a mom. I want to bake them fresh bread and homemade cookies. I want to make amazing dinners every evening (if I could only get Greg to eat onions and peppers). I want my family to be taken care of and loved. I don't feel drawn to homeschooling, though I could do it. I think it is good for kids to be in the world and learn how to not be of the world. I want all those things, but Pioneer Woman makes me tired. How is she not exhausted all the time. She must go to bed at like 7:00.

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. I looked at her almost sounds like it should be a reality show. :) There's no way I could be that productive either. She must not ever watch tv or sleep. Don't feel bad though, she's the exception, not the rule. :D