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Thursday, January 15, 2009


We live in a society where people really don't think about others. I often get cut off in traffic, honked at, and that very special middle finger. Don't you just love that? Yeah, it just makes a small town girl feel so special!

This post is decidated to those thoughtful people in my life. Now thoughtfulness really isn't that hard, but when people take the time to be thoughtful I really notice.

So here are some examples of thoughtfulness that people have displayed in my life recently.

When people pray for me, it can really bring me to tears. The last few days, especially, I have felt the prayers of my family and friends as I have been waiting to hear back on jobs. This can be a very stressful thing let me tell you, but when I know that God's people are praying and that God hears the prayers of His people, it gives me peace.

Asking and Really Caring:
I hate when people ask me how I'm doing but I know they don't really care. They are just trying to be polite. Recently there have been so many people that have been really intentional about checking on me. "How is the job hunt going? Have you heard back? How are you doing?" People have taken the time to track me down and find out how I am and what is going on in my life. When you are in transition and you find out someone really cares, well that's pretty HUGE!

Patience and Trust:
These are been most greatly shown by my new roommate. She agreed to be my roommate with me having no full time job. She is trusting God and being patient with me. She has been such a great cheerleader! I am so grateful for her!

How has someone been thoughtful to you recently? I encourage you to take the time today to be thoughtful. Make the extra effort, because you really don't know how much someone might need it!

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